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How do I measure edge protectors and corner protectors?
Last Updated: 10/13/2015

Edge protectors and corner protectors have 4 dimensions:

1. Leg 1
2. Leg 2
3. Thickness
4. Length

1. Leg 1

Leg 1 can be measured from the bend to the edge of the paper. Because edge protectors and corner protectors always have 2 "legs", Leg 1 and Leg 2 are used to refer to each leg. Most of the time, both legs are the same size, though not always. Legs are usually measured with a ruler or tape measure.

2. Leg 2
Leg 2 is the second leg.

3. Thickness
Edge protectors and corner protectors are made by gluing multiple plies, or "layers" of paper together. Tools known as calipers or micrometers should be used to measure thickness because rulers and tape measures do not product accurate readings.

4. Length
The length is how long a corner protector or edge protector is. A tape measure is typically used to measure length. Lengths may vary by +/- .250" or more for longer lengths.

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