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Each style of paper tube is used differently and requires an end closure specific to that application. We offer a full line of end closures to compliment our products.

End closures are sold by the case unless they're ordered with paper tubes. Some end closures are stock items; others need to be special ordered. Click here for a custom quote.

White Plastic Plugs Most common. Available from 1” to 12” diameter. Friction-fit. Used with mailing tubes, poster tubes, and lightweight-medium duty shipping tubes. Needs to be secured with tape or staples for shipping. Custom PMS colors available at quantities of 50M-100M pieces.
Black Plastic Plugs Available from 1” to 12” diameter. Setup charges and extended lead times may apply. Enhances the appearance of printed Mailing Tubes, Fiber Cans, and Telescope Tubes.
Kraft Paper Caps Eco-friendly. Available in increments from .500” to 5” diameter. Fits over the outside of the tube. Made only with 100% recycled kraft paper. Used with plain cardboard tubes to produce all-paper canisters. Custom sizes available—tooling charges apply. Manufactured at Spiral Paper Tube & Core.
Permanent Metal Ends Available from .750” to 6” diameter. Non-Removable. Tin colored. Best option for weight-bearing Fiber Cans and Telescope Tubes.
Friction Fit Metal Plugs Tin colored. Ideal for retail packaging. Performs best with Fiber Cans with permanent metal bottoms. Scuff-resistant clear coating. Available in the following diameters: 1.875”, 2”, 2.25”, 2.5”, 3”, 3.5”, 4”, and 5”
Self-Locking Metal Ends Available from 1” to 8.125” diameter. Needs to be inserted and secured with a mallet. Non-removable. Ideal for heavy-duty shipping tubes. For heavy-duty, removable end closures, see OD Plugs.
OD Plugs (Outside Diameter Plugs) Custom manufactured to fit the inside diameter of shipping tubes. Stapling required. Fits shipping tubes with inside diameters of .750” to 6.125”.
Donation Can – Coin Slot in Permanent Metal End Top. Fits a 3” diameter donation can. Tin colored. Non-Removable top. Used with a permanent metal bottom or a removable white plastic plug bottom.
Donation Can – Coin Slot in White Plastic Plug Top. Fits a 3” diameter donation can. Removable top. Used with a weight-bearing, permanent metal bottom.