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Lightweight and heavy-duty paper cores are used in various industries and applications. Manufactured to order, our custom paper cores are crush resistant and made to exact specifications, maintaining tight tolerances for precision use. Our cores are often used when winding or re-winding tape, labels, stretch film, foam, bags, and fabric.

Approximate lead time: 7-10 business days, plus shipping.

The most economical paper cores are kraft brown, however, adding a one-color custom print helps increase product recognition. And for roll suspension, 3” black core plugs and 3” black anchor plugs, both with 1” center holes, are also available. See End Closures for details.

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Minimum Inside Diameter .196"
Length Any
Minimum Wall Thickness .012"
Maximum Wall Thickness .700"


3" ID x .125" Tape Cores & Label Cores
3" ID x .125" Tape Cores & Label Cores

Order by 11am Pacific (Monday - Friday), select your shipping method, and your order ships the next business day. Orders ship throughout the United States. Online pricing and availability applies to online orders only. UPS shipping charges are billed to Spiral Paper.

Our tolerances:
Inside Diameter (ID): +/- .015" | Outside Diameter (OD): +/- .030" | Length: +/- .030"
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