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What's better to ship posters, crimped end ("snap seal") mailing tubes or mailing tubes with plastic end plugs?
Last Updated: 02/15/2015
Neither style functions better than the other. They are two different options meant to achieve the same purpose. Selecting one style over the other is more about preference. For example, a crimped end poster tube needs to be opened (unfolded) in order to insert the poster. After the poster is inserted, the ends will need to be closed. No additional packing materials are needed. When using a mailing tube with plastic end plugs, one plastic plug needs to be inserted into either end, then the tube needs to be turned upside down so the poster can be inserted, then the second friction-fit plastic plug needs to be inserted. Although the plastic end plugs are "friction fit", it is always suggested to use tape on both ends to secure the shipment.

(The terms "poster tubes", "mailing tubes", and "shipping tubes" are often used interchangeably. They can refer to the same product).

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